8.1L Remanufactured Marine Engine

8025 or 8050 Pictured here

8025 or 8050 Pictured here

8.1L Volvo Penta, Indmar, Mercruiser
Remanufactured Base Engine

These remanufactured Base Engines are produced by a tightly controlled assembly process, insuring high quality. All engines are remanufactured to original factory specifications and provide original equipment durability and performance. All engines are tested for compression, oil flow, and torque to turn.

Engine Includes: 

8050C Pictured Here

8050C Pictured Here

  • Oil Pan

  • Timing Cover

  • Valve Cover

  • Circulation Water Pump

Part Number      Engine              
8025            375 Horsepower      
8050            420 Horsepower 

8050C           420 Horsepower  



• PFI Intake • Fuel Pump Regulator and Injectors . Flywheel • Water Pump • Balancer • Ignition Coils • Crank Sensor • Cam Sensor • Platinum Tipped Spark Plugs . Spark Plug Wires . Wire Harness for Ignition and Fuel .