Remanufactured Transmissions vs Transmission Repair

Remanufactured Transmissions vs Transmission Repair: Helping Your Customer Choose the Best Option

FEBRUARY 5, 2014 By Powertrain Pro

Transmission problems can strike at any time, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your customer just got a dud, or maybe they’ve been racing their car (which is more common than you might actually think). Whether the transmission failed because it’s just old and worn out or there’s something else at work, choosing replacement or repair is now necessary. Transmission replacement isn’t as expensive as total engine replacement, but it’s definitely a very real expense. Helping your customer understand their options between remanufactured transmissions vs transmission repair is important here.

Remanufactured Transmissions vs Transmission Repair: The Best Path Forward

Your customer will rely on you for advice and guidance in terms of getting their car back on the road. While there are several options available, two stand out in terms of cost. These are remanufactured transmission and transmission repair. Which is right for your customer?

Transmission repair might seem like the cheapest and simplest way to go – at least for your customer, who won’t have to do the rebuilding or scouting for used transmission for sales. This can be a good option, particularly if the problem isn’t systemic. Repair is also easier when it’s a manual transmission in question rather than an automatic transmission. Before recommending repair, make sure you know exactly what the problem was, whether it caused any additional damage, and have a very good estimate on the time and labor that will be required to repair it.

However, if the transmission is severely damaged or it’s well past its prime, it might be better to offer the choice of remanufactured transmissions. Remanufacturing puts the transmission back into almost new condition – it’s not rebuilding, and it’s not done in a regular shop. All remanufacturing has to take place in a factory setting, where computer guided equipment and transmission experts will tear the transmission down, replace failed clutch packs and gears, resurface all components, replace any worn components and then reassemble the whole thing. After reassembly, the transmission is fully tested in a working environment before being marked as available for sale.

In the end, repair work can cost as much or more than installing a remanufactured transmission, particularly when you factor in your labor rate for repair work. Give your customer accurate information regarding the price of both, as well as how long their vehicle will be out of service (repair work usually takes longer than replacement) and then let them decide which option fits their needs. Either option in terms of remanufactured transmissions vs transmission repair can be the best option depending on the situation, your job is to help the customer make the best decision.