"Is your Subaru making a weird tapping sound?"

“Is your Subaru making a weird tapping sound?”

You’re not alone...2013-2014 Subaru 2.5 L engine owners across the country report a strange tapping sound from the left side cylinder head. From our testing, the noise isn’t related to any cold engine or start-up issues, the tapping can only be heard when the engine is warm.

In response, Subaru made some changes: redesigned rockers, a longer intake valve, and a longer exhaust valve. With these refinements, the strange tapping is ...eliminated, making happy customers smile from ear to ear.

Could they of simply said “What tapping sound?” Sure, it happens all the time!

It’s nice to see accountability from the large automotive companies, in light of the recent recall scandals showing up across the country…Subaru has shown they take their responsibilities seriously, and listened when they could of simply ignored the issue.

The valve clearances of the intakes should be set to .0039-.0059” and the exhaust should be set to .0078-.0094”. You won’t find those numbers in the service manual, these are the latest revised specifications. It’s also critical to resist the temptation to mix the new parts with the old, having the correct intake valve clearances is extremely important, and extremely difficult to calculate when the new and old parts are assembled.