The Biggest Recall in the History of the Automotive Industry!

It's the biggest recall in the history of the automotive industry!

By last count, a total of 33.8 million vehicles are affected by the Takata airbag crisis.

33.8 million. Thirty-three point eight...million. We're still having trouble processing the logistics of such an endeavor. This being the largest consumer product recall in the history of the United States, it's going to be a rocky road.

As we've mentioned in previous articles, a new era of transparency is transforming the automotive industry, and in light of the recent scandals and cover-ups, these big moves by the automotive industry are generally well-received.

But the logistics of such a task is almost mind boggling...who is paying for everything? The dealer? the manufacturer or the client? How are they coordinating ordering the parts? Because of the immediacy of the issue- the all important air-bag-how will the dealerships handle all the volume in a timely manner?

It's one thing to TALK about all of this, but how does this break down to the gearheads and the auto mechanics?

Moisture infiltrating the inflators is the prime suspect, so the humid regions will be hit first.

Moisture in those inflators causes the propellant to degrade over time, with the potential of an shrapnel explosion. Hundreds of injuries have been confirmed, and unfortunately, six deaths. Pending ongoing investigations point to more injury in result of the faulty air bags.

Either way, as for Takata, we always appreciate when the big car guys take responsibility and do the right thing. The concerns and safety of our clients and their vehicles is something we take very seriously...and apparently, so does Takata.