Take boating safety seriously!

The US Coast Guard recently reported there were 4062 recreational boating accidents in the U.S. last year, where 560 lives were lost and 2,620 injured. Hindsight is always 20/20, but would you be surprised to learn 84% of those fatalities were not wearing a life jacket?

Life jackets are the proven number one way to save a life in the event of a sudden, unexpected capsizing or fall overboard. Often overlooked, life jackets are our first line of defense, and a must for all boating enthusiasts.

A disturbing factor in those boating fatalities was alcohol. Boating While Intoxicated statistics have been climbing of late, and BWI incidents are no joke. Operators under the influence of just two or three beers can be up to 10 times as likely to be killed in a boating accident as a sober boater. It's very easy to justify a few cold ones when the sun is shining and the water is gorgeous, but being responsible and operating your boat in a safe manner will benefit you and those around you for years to come.

Other factors may seem trivial, but are nonetheless important to take in mind when enjoying your boat. Operator inattention, operator inexperience, and excessive speed issues seem to plague newcomers to boating, while improper operation, faulty equipment, and inadequate safety systems hound even the most experienced boater.

The National Safe Boating Council and the American Boating Association are the leading agencies promoting boating safety, and Eagle Engine Sales would like to assist in their movement to keep everyone safe and sound on our highways and waterways.

We encourage every boater to take their boating safety seriously, starting with appropriate training. No one wants a boating accident to occur, but the consequences are the same. Remember, as a responsible boater, your obligation is not to just yourself, but to those around you, as well.

Eagle Engine Sales would like to remind all boaters to B.E.S.A.F.E. By following the B.E.S.A.F.E movement, all responsible boaters will know their:

Boat = B
Equipment = E
Safety Devices = S
Alcohol Limits = A
First Aid = F
and Environment = E

So make sure to B.E.S.A.F.E, and fall in love with your boat again! Eagle Engine Sales Inc. takes boating safety seriously...and so should you!