Repowering Your Boat? Here are Five Helpful Tips!

Whether you have an older boat you wish to keep, or if you bought a "fixer-upper" you'd like to revive, replacing your marine engine and getting back on the water can be easy if you know what to look for. Accessibility is a huge concern, it can add unwanted costs to your repower aspirations. A good portion of boat repower projects are simply related to the prospect of reselling, as a good engine will make your boat more appealing to potential buyers. Whatever your reason, these tips will help you focus on getting the most out of repowering your boat.

1) Boats are not commonly viewed as sound financial investments. If you aren't an avid boater, it may not be a very good 'investment' at all. Boat owners are often stunned to learn how much they cost to operate and maintain. Currently the used boat market is overrun with more boats than buyers, and every small issue is magnified to the new buyer. An older boat with engine issues may be almost impossible to sell. Usually, marine engines represent more than 50% of the boats value. So knowing the price range for the boat, with the engine in excellent condition, is valuable before repowering.

2) When considering your repower budget, keep in mind costs beyond the engine, and its installation. If your engine is older, the parts are older, as well. When working with mature inboard engines, replacement of old components should be considered...while you have the engine out and accessible. Wiring, fuel tanks, cutlass bearings, shafts, mounts or transmissions, these can be costly as they pile up. You'll want to match the new engine's horsepower to the shafts and props, and you could certainly consider a little engine makeover: new paint, new lights, and new sound-proofing can make all the difference. Slightly increasing your budget can make sure the bellows are watertight, adding budget for outboard brackets, transom repairs/adjustments, and controls can help you in the long run. Of course, it may not be necessary to replace any or all of these things, but keeping accurate costs in mind BEFORE you buy, planning for all contingencies, will help you keep costs under control.

3) Engine access problems can add up to big money. Would you be surprised to learn some engines are installed before the deck is in place? While an inspection hatch is common on all watercraft, without cutting out a bulkhead or deck, removing the engine can be a monumental task. For wooden boats, you must factor in the carpentry costs, and with fiberglass, it will be even more expensive to make the boat look new. No crane access? Staging a rail system to hoist the engine may be your only option.

4) When it comes down to it, some are hesitant spending a great deal of their hard-earned cash on a new engine, often opting for the more economical product. Purchasing a used or rebuilt marine engine can lead to headaches, a brand new engine with a ten year old gasket is an accident waiting to happen. New or remanufactured engines can provide peace of mind for a buyer because of their warranties and testing, increasing the value of the engine, and covering any mishaps that may occur. And with the majority of a boats value in the engine, a new or reman engine is more attractive to a potential buyer.

5) Installing the engine yourself may seem like a time saving gesture, but ultimately you may have to get the engine inspected by an authorized dealer to activate the warranty. Often, these authorized installers can submit the warranty paperwork on your behalf. While the cost of installing a new or used engine is relatively the same, used or rebuilt engines rarely have proof or hours, condition, or warranty information.

For improving fuel efficiency, safety and longevity, the installation of a new or remanufactured marine engine will help you enjoy your boat for years to come. If your goal is a quick sale, following these tips can help you attract more potential buyers. Either way, repowering your marine engine can be a worthwhile and valuable experience if you're informed and educated in the process. Repower your boat today with Eagle Engine Sales, Inc, and fall in love with your boat all over again. Call 1-800-811-9328 today, we look forward to speaking with you!