New 3.0L Marine Engine

1991 - 2018 3.0L Marine Engine

PN: 4752-S

New 3.0 Liter GM Base Engine

New 3.0 Liter
GM Base Engine

GM Marine Base Engine

Engine Details »

  • Displacement: 3.0L Marine Engine (181 CID)

  • Horsepower: 140 hp @ 4800 RPM

  • Torque: 177Ib-It @ 3600-RPM

  • 1 piece seal

Engine Includes:

  • Valve Cover

  • Timing Cover

  • Water Pump

  • Harmonic Balancer

  • 14" Flywheel

  • Ignition

  • Oil Pan

  • Spark Plugs

4752-SOMC: 1986-1990 OMC
4752-SMER: 1968-1990 Mercruiser

Note: Eagle Engine Sales requires the use of an adapter plate along with the intake/exhaust manifold ONLY when installing an older style manifold with larger ports to our new 3.0L engine. This adapter plate mounts between the manifold and engine head and allows for a smooth transition from the other style manifold with large intake and exhaust ports to the new style head in which the intake and exhaust ports are considerably smaller in size. If the intake/exhaust manifold you are installing was originally made for engines during 1968-1995 you may need this adapter plate. Part#K730