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This Vortec manifold was designed for ultimate horsepower and torque to be used with Vortec cylinder head, P/N 12529093, 12558060, 12497186 or 12464298. This aluminum four-barrel manifold will accept Holley or Quadrejet carburetors and is EGR equipped. Use intake manifold gasket P/n 12529094 and eight special manifold bolts P/N 12550027. You can use EGR P/N 17052693.

Manifold height: measured from end rail of block to carburetor mounting flange - rear - 5-1/4", front - 3-3/4"

To hook up EGR with this intake, following parts are required:10220275 EGR pipe, 12552329 fitting, vortec exhaust manifold # 12557828, 12557828DT (tapped for O2 sensor) or ED1476 weld-on fitting kit for use with headers.

To plug EGR pipe hole in intake, use GM 12556596 or a 10AN plug.

Chevrolet Performance Vortec Low-Rise Intake Manifolds 12496820

SKU: 12486570
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