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Automatic Transmissions

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  • Factory remanufactured with strict remanufacturing standards, the latest engineering updates performed and factory faults corrected

  • Fully hot-oil Dyno-tested to provide "like new" performance

  • Nationwide warranty coverage with parts and labor included

  • Fully remanufactured Torque Converter included

Installation instructions, Trans-Cooler flush and excellent support. In remanufacturing over 70,000 transmissions a year, we know how to remanufacture/re-engineer a transmission transaxle!


Transmission Quality Checks

  • All transmissions are completely disassembled and cleaned

  • All cases are media blasted

  • Internal parts are inspected for wear or damage and replaced as required

  • All bushings are inspected and replaced as required

  • 100% of friction components are replaced with upgraded heavy duty parts

  • Drum assemblies are air checked and side play is checked to assure proper clearance

  • 100% of seals, o’rings and gaskets are replaced

  • 100% of solenoids are checked and replaced if they do not pass duty cycle tests

  • Internal wiring harness are checked and replaced as necessary

  • Valve bodies are disassembled, cleaned, and measured for wear

  • Valve body valves and valve bores are inspected and valve bores are machined as required

  • Completed valve bodies are tested for proper operation prior to dyno testing

  • Transmissions are assembled, end plays are set and fasteners are torqued to the required specification

  • 100% of transmissions are dynamometer tested to ensure proper pressures and shift quality throughout the operating range. All upshifts and downshifts are checked against preset parameters. Torque converter stall speed and lockup is verified on the dyno test. Transmission park locking mechanism is checked during dyno test

Torque Converter

  • 100% of converters are dynamic balanced

  • 100% of pumps are furnaced brazed

  • 100% new bearings and o’rings

  • 100 % new springs and rollers in stator

  • 100% new thrust washers

  • 100% new friction liners in overdrive lockup converters

  • Converter end play and hub/pump runout and diameter is checked

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Passenger Cars (includes vans and pickup trucks up to 3/4 ton for personal use) are warranted for a period of 36 months / 100,000 miles. Some models carry a 18 month / 50,000 mile warranty. See invoice for details. Trucks (includes 1 ton vans and pickup trucks, all commercial use vehicles) are warranted for a period of 36 months / 75,000 miles. Emergency Vehicles and Motor Homes: 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Standard Transmissions: 36 months 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Why Remanufactured?

Our remanufactured engines are built as closely to new as possible. We pride ourselves in creating excellent quality while maintaining an affordable and low cost. Our engines are remanufactured to the industry's highest standards. 


A remanufactured engine is different than a used or rebuilt engine. A used engine is typically pulled directly from a vehicle, and in many cases, the components have not been tested and the surfaces may not have been cleaned. Ensuring high quality is often difficult when purchasing used components. A rebuilt engine is typically created by cleaning, inspecting, and replacing damaged or worn parts.


A remanufactured engine is manufactured to the standard of a new part. All replacement parts are new or requalified to meet the highest industry standards. Our engines and each component are completely re-machined and cleaned to the manufacturers original standards.

Our Core Policy

All Eagle Engine units have a core and skid charge billed at the time of sale. When the core is returned, an associate will determine the amount to be credited back to the customer’s account. The core returned must be a like-for-like Make, Model and Type, but not a junkyard core. Returned cores must be returned drained of all fluids and oil, assembled and attached to the same undamaged skid or container in which your remanufactured marine engine was shipped. The core must be returned within 30 days of the delivery date in order for you to receive credit. Full credit will be given unless certain damages and exceptions noted in our core policy are found.

No visible cracks or holes
Drained of coolant and oil


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