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Marine Fuel Line Chrome For Holley Model 4150 Marine Carburetor 5/8-18 inverted flare inlet. 9.313" center to center.


Ensure the smooth operation and reliable fuel delivery of your marine engine with the Marine Fuel Line. Designed specifically for marine applications, this high-quality fuel line is an essential component for any boat owner or marine enthusiast seeking optimal performance and safety on the water.


Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality: Crafted from premium materials, the Marine Fuel Line is built to withstand the challenges of the marine environment. It is designed to resist corrosion, UV rays, and fuel degradation, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance. Rest assured that your fuel line can handle the rigors of boating, providing you with peace of mind during your marine adventures.

  2. Safe and Reliable Fuel Delivery: The Marine Fuel Line prioritizes safety and reliability in fuel delivery. It features a robust construction that effectively prevents leaks and fuel seepage, protecting both your engine and the environment. This fuel line meets or exceeds industry safety standards, giving you confidence in its performance and ensuring a consistent flow of fuel to your marine engine.

  3. Easy Installation: Installing the Marine Fuel Line is a breeze. With its user-friendly design, it can be easily connected to your boat's fuel tank and engine. The fuel line comes with the necessary fittings and connectors, making the installation process quick and hassle-free. Spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying the water.

  4. Versatile Compatibility: The Marine Fuel Line is compatible with a wide range of marine engines, making it a versatile choice for boat owners with different engine types. Whether you have an outboard motor, inboard engine, or even a personal watercraft, this fuel line is designed to seamlessly integrate and deliver fuel efficiently. It offers the flexibility you need for various marine applications.

  5. Essential for Marine Safety: Reliable fuel delivery is crucial for safe and worry-free boating. The Marine Fuel Line ensures that your engine receives a steady supply of fuel, minimizing the risk of engine stalls and breakdowns on the water. By investing in a high-quality fuel line, you prioritize the safety of yourself, your passengers, and your vessel.


Upgrade your marine engine's fuel delivery system with the Marine Fuel Line. Engineered for durability, compatibility, and safety, this essential component will enhance the performance and reliability of your boat. Trust in its premium quality construction and easy installation process, knowing that you have made a smart choice for your marine adventures. Experience peace of mind and optimal fuel delivery on the water with the Marine Fuel Line.

Marine Fuel Line

SKU: 734-4
  • WARNING! To preserve the warranty, the instructions must be read and followed thoroughly and completely before and during installation. This Holley fuel line is designed for use on Holley dual feed carburetors. IMPORTANT! To prevent damage to the finish of the fuel line, always tighten the fittings using a 5/8” flared nut wrench. This will also prevent “rounding” of the hex heads. 1. Before installing the fuel line, inspect the fittings to ensure that they are free of any metal chips or burrs left over from the machining process. Clean, if necessary. Otherwise, cross-threading and fuel leaks will result. 2. When all fuel inlet fitting threads are free of any contaminants, you may now install the fuel line to the carburetor. It is highly recommended to initially start the threads by hand, at least 2-3 complete turns. Finish tightening with a 5/8” flared nut wrench. 3. Tighten the fuel line sufficiently to prevent fuel leakage, but not so tight that distortion or stripping will result. NOTE: Your new fuel line is equipped with a 1/8” NPT pressure tap (734-4 DOES NOT INCLUDE 1/8” TAP). The plug is lightly screwed in for shipping purposes. During installation, the plug must be removed, coated with PTFE sealant, and reinstalled if the port will not be used for a pressure gauge. If you wish to add a fuel pressure gauge, remove the plug and install a gauge with a 1/8” NPT stem. ONLY USE PTFE SEALANT ON NPT FITTINGS. IMPORTANT! Holley does not recommend the use of PTFE tape on the carburetor inlet fittings. The tape could separate in the inlet fitting and clog the inlet fuel filters, resulting in fuel starvation. If the fuel inlet filters were removed, or never installed, PTFE tape particles could become lodged in the inlet needle and seat assembly and cause flooding and the possibility of a fire. 4. Start the engine and check to ensure against fuel leakage. Correct, as necessary. 199R9827 Revision Date: 1-22-14 FUEL LINES INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS P/N 34-150, 34-160, & 734-4 

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